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Pallets, box pallets and Euro-pallets from the pallet specialist Schroth

Pallets, stacking frames and CP-pallets as well as box pallets are available for customers buying pallets from our company.

We, the Schroth Group with headquarters in Fichtenau Neustädtlein, are specialised in the production and repair rental of load carriers in form of pallets such as Euro-pallets, box pallets, stacking frames and one-way pallets.


In our automated production facility we produce pallets, box pallets and stacking frames, amongst other things. These include standard and individual special pallets as well as hygiene pallets, IPPC-pallets and one-way pallets. But also our services include buying in pallets and trade in box pallets, stacking frames and pallet lids.


In our fully automated SPZ Sorting and Checking Centre we check Euro-pallets and guarantee that they can be used unreservedly in high rack storage and materials handling technology. Every pallet, box pallet, and also every stacking frame leaving our pallet trading company is checked thoroughly by our employees. On request we would be pleased to make you an offer for the provision of box pallets, Euro-pallets, CP- or IPPC-pallets.


Our local centres in Austria and Switzerland are as well happy to be at your service for regional offers.


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Schroth pallets stand for excellent brand quality “Made in Germany”. We produce, repair, sell and hire out all standard pallet types.


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